About Stiby Production

Entertainment and education

By Amelia Stiby

DJ, dance performances, dance teaching, mentoring, and organization concerning events as well as production.

Private as well as corporate events such as:
Weddings, graduations parties, birthdays, corporate jubilees, proms, Christmas parties, and much more.

Dance Performances:
Pfizer jubilee (Göteborg, Sweden)
SB Entertainment (Stockholm & Karlstad, Sweden)
The Color Run (Stockholm, Sweden)
The Color Run Night (Stockholm, Sweden)
Dana Foglia Dance (London, England)
Nike Run with Icona Pop (Stockholm, Sweden)
Nike Christmas party (Stockholm, Sweden)
Frank Hatchett Memorial (New York City)

Choreography, organization, and production:
Private events (birthdays and other celebrations)
Vik, School Culture Project
Brunn, School Culture Project
Djurö, School Culture Project
Pfizer jubilee
Värmdö Scenskola Shows
Aberdeen Christmas party

Charity Projects:
We R One (2012)
Vi är de vi är (2017)

Dance Education:
Värmdö Scenskola
School Projects
Charity Projects